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Family Past and Present

    Family Past Present

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43 Things: 


 Welcome Thanks for joinning us. Please feel free to search around and enjoy everything we have to offer. This site is meant for everyone from supernaturals to rebels to lightworkers but we are mainly based for teens. Here you can find anything you would hope to in shifting, magick, spiritual improvement and help and tips and tricks in life. Please join and become one of our amazing members to get full acess to our site and remember to read and follow our rules. We hope you enjoy your vist here and make it your new home.
Blessed Be.


1. No roleplaying or lying (If caught you will be given one warning and then banned)

2. No harrassing other members (Will be Banned)

3. No stealing others information or identity (Will be Banned)

4. Keep karma in mind

5. Keep fighting to a minimum

6. If you need to say something only to one person keep it to a private message and dont spam the forum

7. No spamming

8. Only put out infomation that you know or believe is true

9. Keep cussing to a minimum however mild swearing will be permited, if you arn't mature enough to handle a little cussing, leave.

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